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2011 Checklist: Night Skiing

January 7, 2011

Last winter, my friends and I, with all the snow, decided to go cross-country skiing on the new groomed trails at Bristol Mountain. A couple of them had been before, but I had never been so it was my first experience. It was so easy and so comfortable and so much fun that definitely, with this year’s new snowfall, it’s on my top 2 things to do in the upcoming weekends.

Nordic Center at the Summit, Bristol Mountain

To access the top-of-the-mountain Nordic Trails, you don’t go to the Route 64 main entrance as you normally would. You actually drive up South Hill, which is the back of the mountain. It’s a real quick walk to the lodge, where you can rent the equipment that you need to cross-country ski or you can bring your own. They give you a trail map and there are all kinds of trails there. Because it is on the mountain, many people may think it’s too downhill, but it is really flat at the top with some small inclines. You can go through the woods and weave your way back and end up at the lodge for some hot chocolate.  We actually did go at night and the trails are lighted trails.

It was just a great time and I am definitely going to head back there this season. They also have an event called Full Moon Nordic Ski. Just imagine the shadows, the snow falling lightly, the mix of colors, and giggling in the dark. I’d love to go when it is a full moon… Now that would be a lot of fun!  Upcoming dates are January 19th and February 18th. Call 585-374-6000 for more information or to sign up.

Submitted by Valerie Knoblauch


The Little Lakes of the Finger Lakes

December 8, 2009

The Little Lakes of the Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes Region of New York State is made up of 11 long slender bodies of water that form a striking resemblance to the fingers of an outstretched hand.  While the larger of these lakes are most notable and probably most popular lakes, for many area visitors, there is a Great Finger Lakes Find in the “Little Finger Lakes” located in western Ontario County~ Honeoye, Canadice and Hemlock Lakes.

Honeoye Lake translated by the Native Americans means “Lying Finger”.  Honeoye Lake is 5 miles long, has a depth of 30 feet and is a prime fishing spot in the Finger Lakes.  Coming into the winter months, it is the most popular lake for ice fishing because the water freezes quickly and maintains its solid surface throughout the winter months to become a natural playground for ice fishing, skating, and even ice boating. 

Cross Country Skiing fun

Many will enjoy the nearby Harriet Hollister Spencer Park state recreation area (be sure to click on this link to see a video of cross country skiing in the park).  You’ll find spectacular views of Honeoye Lake and the Rochester skyline to the north.  Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy miles of trails for hiking and in the winter it is a popular locale for cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing and even dog-sledding. 

Aerial view of the Little Lakes


Canadice Lake is peaceful and tranquil.  The lake is 3 miles long with a depth of 91 feet. Perhaps named with a bit of humor, the Native American translation is “Long Lake” and while the lake is quite tiny, it has some of the most natural beauty of all the Finger Lakes.  In fact, only car top boats are allowed on the lake keeping it pristine and therefore a popular spot for canoeing, kayaking, and relaxing.

Hemlock Lake is translated as “Sister Lake to Canadice” and surprising to many supplies drinking water to the city of Rochester. The lake is 8 miles long and has a depth of 96 feet. As the “sister lake” to Canadice its tree-lined undeveloped setting creates quite a contrasting experience to many of the larger, more populated lakes.  Both Hemlock and Canadice are remote and provide peaceful places to relax and enjoy nature.

Little Lakes Inn and Healing Center

At the end of a perfect day of fun in the Little Lakes, you can settle in for a great night’s sleep at The Little Lakes Inn & Healing Center, a completely restored Italianate-style inn, tucked in the cozy countryside along Honeoye Lake and one of the newest bed & breakfasts in the Finger Lakes.  Here you will find all the comforts of home and more.   

Thinking about your next get away?  The Little Lakes of the Finger Lakes is a Great Finger Lakes Find!

Spring Carnival Weekend at Bristol Mountain

March 11, 2009
Spring Carnival Tubing at Bristol Mountain

Spring Carnival Tubing at Bristol Mountain

Last chance for snow fun is here!  Bring your friends and  family to the Spring Carnival weekend at Bristol Mountain Winter Resort  in the Finger Lakes.  It will be a great family fun weekend with the “slush” cup, tubing, snow volleyball, the Easter Bunny in person and also an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.  There will be live music, a cookout, prizes and more.  PLUS–kids 12 and under get a free lift ticket!  What more could you want?

Fun and Games at Bristol Mountain Spring Carnival
Fun and Games at Bristol Mountain Spring Carnival

The Summit Demo Center will have a Ski sale and the Summit Grille will be open for lunch. Check the website listed above for a complete schedule of events on March 21st  and 22nd, or call 585-374-6000 for more details.  Get your friends and family together and come out for a “last chance” day of snow fun in the Finger Lakes

Nature’s Health Club ~ New York’s Finger Lakes

March 3, 2009


Hike to the waterfalls in Grimes Glen

Hike to the waterfalls in Grimes Glen

Nature’s Health Club,  think about it.  Where else could you be to take a walk along the lake, hike or bike many trails, swim, kayak, canoe?  You can play golf, watch birds, relax and read a book, all kinds of fun and healthy activities are here for you.  No matter the season.

Relax and enjoy the view, no matter the season

Relax and enjoy the view, no matter the season

You are a member of  Nature’s Health Club just by here being in the Finger Lakes.  You will enjoy healthy activities, great locally grown  food prepared in area restaurants, traveling the wine trails for sampling the many Finger Lakes wines and places to relax and get away from the chaos and commotion of your daily routine.  This is what makes living and visiting the Finger Lakes so much fun

Get your friends together and bike along the lakes

Get your friends together and bike along the lakes

Spring is just around the corner and I know I’m anxious to get outdoors again.  Be sure to check out Nature’s Health Club–New York’s Finger Lakes–full of healthy fun, fitness and relaxation.

Full Moon Ski & Fondue in the Finger Lakes

March 1, 2009
Nordic Center at the Summit, Bristol Mountain

Nordic Center at the Summit, Bristol Mountain

Get your cross country skies all waxed and ready for this fun event at Bristol Mountain in Canandaigua on Saturday night, March 14th, from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. You can ski on the beautifully groomed trails in the moonlight and then join friends and relax afterwards in the Summit Center with hot drinks and fondue. The trails are gentle with just enough roll to give you a little up and down. More information is available at Pack, Paddle & Ski.  Ski rentals are also available at the Summit Center. Spring really is just around the corner, so take advantage of this fun winter snow activity!