Tea Party Birthday


Historic Dryer House Emporium

I took my girlfriend, Ryan, and her mother and father last Thursday night to the new location of  Grandma Hattie’s Tea Parties.  Ryan and I had had lunch there and decided it would be a perfect “unique” idea for her Mom’s birthday. We talked with Kathy Houser of Victor,  and she agreed to make it a very special birthday celebration.  We had scones, two different soup choices, butternut squash and Italian wedding, and finger sandwiches. The special touch was that Kathy had asked us ahead of time about Ryan’s mom’s favorite things and we told her kitchen is decorated with a watermelon theme.  Kathy then proceeded to make it very special by making dessert cupcakes that were decorated with watermelon designs, complete with a candle in each cupcake and also served tea in a special Happy Birthday Teacups.  A really big WOW factor, it was such a unique experience for someone to have who had never been to a “Tea Party” before.

A Unique Experience

It was a great event for Ryan’s mom and for those curious minds who want to know, “No, I did not wear a hat.”

I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for a special, unique event.

Submitted by AJ Shear


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