Ravenwood “Meets” MPI


Meeting Room at Ravenwood

Last Thursday night was my monthly Meeting Professionals International (MPI) meeting and it was held at Ravenwood Golf Course. Because I am now scheduling all the monthly meetings and events for MPI, I took the opportunity to get them into Ontario County.  Ravenwood graciously agreed to work with me on price and menu selections to work in something local.  Jennifer, Ravenwood Event Manager, was great helping me present ideas to the chef (who just happens to be her brother).

Chicken served with Arbor Hill Finishing Sauce

The chef was totally agreeable.  He used the Arbor Hill Lemon Caper Chardonnay finishing sauce to make a wonderful chicken French.  He suggested a butternut squash soup made with locally grown squash and for dessert it was grape pie from Naples! The connections were amazing here as the pies were made by Jennifer’s mother, who is from Naples and members learned she had baked 1,000 pies this year for the Naples Grape Festival!  MPI members were totally impressed!  It was interesting that when I had announced our October meeting location at my meeting the month before the members thought Ravenwood was a private club and reminded me that meetings could only be held at places where MPI could book their meetings.  I quickly cleared up this misconception and also I realized that of the 10 (5 suppliers and 5 planners) members attending the meeting no one had ever been to Ravenwood before. They were all pleasantly surprised and were extremely impressed with Ravenwood.  Mike Roeder, general manager, who was only going to meet and greet with our group, joined us for dinner and stayed to hear our guest speaker who was Hugh Lee, President of Fusion Productions, a company from Webster. His most informative presentation was on What to Do 3.0– Do’s and Don’ts. Hugh is a deeply involved with MPI, a past chairman of the International Board and he is also an avid golfer, so he and Mike hit it off well. I’m sure there are some future golfing excursions in the works. This was one great MEET-ing!

Submitted by Sue Schmidt, CMP


One Response to “Ravenwood “Meets” MPI”

  1. sher Says:

    Thanks Sue for thinking of using local products. Arbor Hill appreciates you thinking of using us.

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