Slice, Dice & Spice NY ~ The Chefs



Slice, Dice and Spice NY

Slice, Dice and Spice NY

Slice, Dice & Spice New York is a Progressive Taste Off that is running from May 1 to October 25 highlighting the culinary and agricultural assets of the Finger Lakes.  It’s a showcase of people, foods, farms and restaurants. The final competitions are about to begin and you won’t want to miss it! 

Sample market basketOn October 19th, nine top chefs from Finger Lakes and Buffalo restaurants will each team up with a group of amateur foodies and compete against each other in an Iron Chef-like event to be held at the New York Wine & Culinary Center located in Canandaigua. The ensuing competition will feature many Finger Lakes and New York State culinary assets. The teams will create a meal using common “Market Basket” ingredients and one secret ingredient. All of these ingredients will come from New York and showcase the vast amount of products that can be found in the area.  Along with creating a appetizer, main course and dessert – the chefs will have the task of pairing each of their dishes with a wine from the wineries along the  Canandaigua Wine Trail

2008 Competition Chef and Team

2008 Competition Chef and Team

The competing chefs come from top restaurants located in Naples, Clifton Springs, Geneva, Canandaigua and Buffalo!  Meet the Chefs!   The meals they prepare will then be judged by a panel of food experts and the top three chefs of each heat and their teams will move on to the Slice, Dice and Spice finals on October. 25th.

Just a sample of the great food!

Just a sample of the great food!

Food, Food, and More Food!

  At the final event, there will be more than 30 tasting booths from local and regional restaurants and food producers along with live music.

Stay tuned to Great Finger Lakes Finds and find out who will  be crowned the winner of 2009’s Slice, Dice and Spice NY competition.


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