Finger Lakes Food Find~Grape Pie

Scrumptious grape pie

Scrumptious grape pie

Yep, grape pie!  Ever had one?  The Finger Lakes is well-known for this great food find and delectable dessert.  Not only are our wines making headlines, but this unique food is too.  So just what is grape pie?  The history of grape pies begins with an excess of concord grapes as white wines became more popular in the Finger Lakes and some very creative culinary minds in Naples.

Today, perhaps the most notable piemaker in the Finger Lakes is Monica Schenk of Monica’s Pies in Naples, NY, featured many times on TV’s Food Network Food Finds.  Monica’s now offers over 25 different kinds of fruit pies (depending on what’s in season), quiches and even more…her chicken pot pies are the best!  What a great winter comfort food.

Grape Pies, tarts and Healthy Purple

Grape Pies, tarts and Healthy Purple

But there are many other local  piemakers proud of their grape pies too. Up on the hill on scenic road County Rd. 12, Jane Gentner of Gentner’s Valley View made grape pies that were served in the White House.  Close by is Arbor Hill Grapery, a unique little winery, which in addition to grape pies and tarts also makes pie fillings, Healthy Purple, gourmet wine sauces, jellies, jams, vinagrettes and more. 


Everything Grape in Naples
Everything Grape in Naples

For a true taste of everything “grape” in the Finger Lakes be sure to come to the Naples Grape Festival held every year in late September.  There are grapes everywhere, from pies, to tarts, to ice cream (yes, grape ice cream), local wines, grape stomping, everything purple you can imagine (the fire hydrants are even painted purple).

Come visit the Finger Lakes and be sure to put “eating grape pie” as a must do on your Finger Lakes itinerary today!

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