Finger Lakes Natural Health~Great Massage


Finger Lakes Natural Health in Naples

Finger Lakes Natural Health in Naples

About a month ago, I had a massage at Finger Lakes Natural Health in Naples with Greta Selin-Love–my first visit. WOW is all I can say. What a great way to get rid of some stress; I was hooked. Today I was there for my second appointment. FLNH is a little office located on the second floor of a building Main St in Naples, very quaint cozy and Greta immediately made me feel comfortable. You can engage in light conversation or no conversation at all, whatever you prefer. For almost an hour I enjoyed soft music, warm blankets and a wonderful massage that relaxed me literally from head to toe. I asked Greta if anyone ever refuses to leave…because I came close! 🙂 I’ve booked my next appointment and for future reference to all my family–you’ll never have to ask me what I want for my birthday or holidays…here’s your answer…another massage! Appointments can be made at 585-374-8830. Need a special gift for someone? Gift certificates are available too (hint).


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One Response to “Finger Lakes Natural Health~Great Massage”

  1. Emma Says:

    And it’s my birthday tomorow! Great blog will read more when I have time.

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